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The Global Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program
at Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago (LUC) has chosen to participate in the Global Entrepreneur In Residence (GEIR) program in conjunction with ThinkChicago and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. This program allows immigrant entrepreneurs to start or grow their companies in the United States through the H-1B visa pathway, providing LUC students and the Chicago-land area access to the world’s most innovative founders.

American colleges and universities increasingly fill a critical role in promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation as the world’s most prestigious higher education network. The purpose of the GEIR program is to demonstrate to the world’s innovative entrepreneurs that the USA remains the best place to build their businesses and create jobs. Loyola University Chicago joined this effort to support the development of social enterprises and strengthen LUC’s dedication to entrepreneurial endeavors in Chicago.

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