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Welcome to LUC @ 1871!

1871 is a work space for digital and tech entrepreneurs located in Chicago’s famed Merchandise Mart building. 1871 connects early-stage startups with educational resources, potential investors, and a community of like-minded individuals and companies.

Loyola University Chicago (LUC) is proud to present LUC @ 1871, a unique partnership with this innovative organization. Loyola students, faculty, and staff can work out their own digital and tech ideas in the dedicated LUC @ 1871 Suite onsite, attend 1871 member workshops and networking events, and learn from each other as they work alongside other student-entrepreneurs. For more information about applying for student membership and use of the LUC @ 1871 Suite, please see our section on Students @1871.

As part of the community, LUC @ 1871 also encourages faculty involvement with the thriving community of innovators. Faculty may offer lectures, classes, and mentorship programs to 1871 companies in marketing, branding, business administration, entrepreneurship, management, technology development and more. For more about getting involved, please see our section on Faculty @ 1871.

For questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact Ignite Lab via email ( with any questions.

User Policies and Procedures

To reserve the LUC Suite, a user must be a current Loyola University Chicago student, faculty, or staff member. 

Approved student members may reserve the LUC Suite for up to four hours per day for a maximum of two times per week, unless given explicit permission by the Suite Administrator. Prior to submitting a space request, students must complete the Ignite Lab Application Form; this form is required only for initial approval. Reservation requests can be submitted via email to, users should expect a confirmation of reservation within 2 business days.

Staff and faculty who wish to reserve space may contact Ignite Lab directly (or email with the requested dates and times.

Upon arrival at 1871, Students check-in at the reception desk and provide their LUC ID to the reception desk in exchange for a keycard to the LUC suite (the ID will be returned upon receipt of the keycard). The keycard must be turned in at the end of the scheduled timeframe. The Suite Administrator reserves the right to charge a $20 fee for any lost or stolen 1871 keycards.

Access to Loyola’s Suite is provided Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Users may not use the LUC suite until they have been approved; using the space without permission may result in LUC suite access being revoked. Per the agreement with 1871, six people may use the LUC suite concurrently.

Only students of the University with approved 1871 student membership are eligible to use the suite.

Students will be eligible to attend 1871 workshops and events, but cannot attend office hours offered by 1871 member companies.

It is the responsibility of all users reserving the LUC Suite to work together to keep the space clean and orderly, specifically properly disposing of any food or trash, clearing the whiteboard, turning off the lights, and sharing access to workspaces and conference rooms. 

All students, faculty, and staff are expected to adhere to the above listed policies. 

Ignite Lab manages the LUC Suite and reserves the right to revoke access to any individual or group not adhering to the policies stated here.

Students @ 1871

LUC @ 1871 provides Loyola students with the incredible opportunity to turn their tech start-up dreams into a reality and transform their innovative ideas into real sustainable businesses. LUC @ 1871 also provides a platform for students to interact and engage with like-minded individuals that make up the broader entrepreneurial community at 1871.

Membership in LUC @ 1871 allows students to reserve a seat in the LUC Suite @ 1871 where they will be able to work alongside fellow students and professors in a collaborative and safe space on their tech start-up endeavors. As a member, students will also have access to exclusive workshops hosted by 1871 that range between learning to build a start-up to coding and leadership development.

Interested in membership to LUC @ 1871? Fill out the Ignite Lab Application!

Faculty @ 1871

LUC @ 1871 offers Loyola Faculty a chance to connect their teaching and research with the fast paced world of Chicago’s technology start-ups. There are several ways for faculty to get involved with 1871.*

The Loyola Structure Mentorship Program

As part of 1871’s diversity scholarship program, faculty from the Quinlan School of Business and the Business Law Clinic founded a six-week mentorship program for 1871 tech start-ups. During the pilot program, four chosen companies met weekly with their faculty mentors, getting advise of technology, marketing, business development, business law and management. Faculty interested in getting involved should contact Ugur Uygur, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at

1871 Community Workshops

1871 strives to constantly offer opportunities to 1871 members, helping them to build their businesses. Interested Loyola faculty are welcome to propose lectures or presentations that would help tech start-ups keep up with the latest best-practices in their industry. All suggestions are welcome; Ignite Lab will contact you if 1871 is interested in offering the program.

Faculty Mentor Office Hours

Loyola faculty are also welcome to hold Faculty Mentor Office Hours as a way of bringing their expertise to the Loyola entrepreneurial community at 1871. These office hours will be reserved for students approved to use the 1871 suite only, and cannot replace faculty office hours required by their department. Faculty interested in offering Mentor Office Hours, please email Ignite Lab at

*Please note, Loyola’s suite at 1871 is a cooperative space that seats 6 student entrepreneurs. The space cannot be used as a classroom for Loyola courses.


What is available at 1871?

1871 provides a physical space in which members of the LUC community can work and engage with the entrepreneurial and digital tech community in Chicago. LUC has a dedicated Suite that can be reserved by LUC students, faculty, and staff.


What is the LUC 1871 Suite?

The Suite is a conference room equipped with Wi-Fi, a whiteboard, phone, and video capability. This shared space can accommodate up to 6 users at a time.


What else is available to members?

1871 hosts daily events and workshops, several of which are free to 1871 members (including the University); for a complete list of upcoming events, visit


How do I access 1871?

Applicants must complete the Ignite Lab application before submitting a space request and will receive an email within 2 business days confirming their approval. Submission of an application does not guarantee approval of access to the space.

Once approved, applicants will request reservations via email to Once the reservation is confirmed on the schedule, the user is required to show their LUC ID to 1871 front desk receptionist for reservation verification prior to handing over a key card to the suite. At the end of your scheduled time, the key card must be returned to the front desk.


Where can I find the "LUC 1871 Suite Usage Policy"?

All applicants and users must review and agree to the LUC 1871 Suite Usage Policybefore using the space.


How do I get to 1871?

1871 is located on the 12th floor of the Merchandise Mart, 222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212, in the heart of Chicago’s River North neighborhood. The CTA Brown Line and Purple Line trains serve the Merchandise Mart station and there are numerous parking garages within 2 blocks (validated parking is available).


Who is allowed to use the LUC 1871 Suite?

LUC’s membership includes access to the LUC Suite and is available to current students, faculty, and staff from all of the LUC campuses, specifically those who demonstrate they are engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits that would be advanced by using the technical resources provided at 1871.


How long does it take to get approval to use LUC 1871 Suite?

It may take up to 2 business days for applicants to receive an email confirming user approval.


How do I register for 1871 events not affiliated with LUC?

1871 offers several unique and educational events each month. Once an approved user of the LUC 1871 Suite, many of these events are open for participation. For further information regarding events, visit the 1871 Events Calendar to register for events and programs of interest to you.

Please note that some events at 1871 are also open to the public and may require a fee to attend. If you choose to attend a fee-required event, you are personally responsible for payment of the fee and there will be no reimbursement.


I just need a study space to work. Can I use the LUC 1871 Suite?

No--Loyola's agreement with 1871 is to provide a platform for you to interact and engage with the broader entrepreneurial and tech community at 1871. The purpose of this resource is to provide a space for fledgling tech start-ups, to provide students with real-work experience with other members, and engage in the advancement of technological innovation.